Hi Duana, I am due in December with my first, a girl. We were pretty set with boys names, our father's names in the middle, with Remi as the first name. (I am French Canadian, so I favour French names. Hubby is Polish Canadian and has no real preferences towards names.)

Now that we know it's a girl, hubby won't really budge on my favourite name, which is Louise (Loulou as a nickname). It is my middle name and also my grandmother's name and he thinks it comes too close to naming the baby after me. I love the name and fell in love with it all over again thanks to Bob's Burgers (haha, I know!).

His compromise is Eloise, with Elle and Loulou as nicknames. I like it, but I don't love it like I love Louise. Last name will be Hub's, which is the name of a city ending in N. And I don't love Eloise with his last name. It sounds too try-hard to me.

Other names that have been shot down by hub: Marion, Margot (he doesn't like Marg as a nickname, and neither do I), Frances, Delphine.

Lastly, we are pretty set for middle name. Our father's names combine into Pearl (Pierre and Earl).

Is there time/anyway to change his mind? Should I wait to see if Baby Girl is more an Eloise than a Louise?

We have time, but this is stressing me out!! 


People go to such extreme lengths to try to tell me all the relevant details, and so sometimes when there’s one that isn’t included, I wonder if there’s a reason why, you know what I mean?  In this case, that detail is…why not Louisa?

I mean, it’s not that far from Louise, obviously, and maybe still too close for your husband. But if Eloise is too try-hard, Louisa, or Luisa if that does something for you, might seem a little bit more achievable, and it also gives you some rhythm with ‘Pearl’? Louisa Pearl is not only lyrical, it gives you something to actually need a nickname for…or am I the only one who thinks two syllables, shortened to two syllables, is not that much of a ‘shorthand’? (Related  -  I personally don’t think anyone ever needs to nickname ‘Margot’, but if you do, ‘Go’ is not an appropriate option, Gillian Flynn…)

Having said that, if it’s not for you, I really appreciate the other names you’ve included here because they give me some ideas of your tastes. Like, how about Yvonne? Could that be a place to go? What about Nadine or Eliza? I sometimes think that, in the parents who have turned away from Emma because it’s too popular, there are some who would be delighted by the British-seeming ‘Gemma’, which I’m pointed to because you love Louise. Other names in that corridor are Daphne or Annabel or even Agatha?

I tried to see if there was anything else in a Bob’s Burger’s jumping-off point but I don’t think that ‘Tina’ is ready to come back just yet – it seems like it’s one of those names that’s going to be super popular in about fifteen years – so what was fifteen years before that? Maybe Susan? There is almost something retro-chic in ‘Susan’. What about Helena?

I feel like you know what you like, and I think you may be unconsciously steering away from Eloise even as it grows in popularity -- but I do feel like there are a couple of options left on the table that you might find suit your fancy. Let us know!