Please help me!  My husband and I are expecting our first baby - a girl.  I had to know the gender so I could start the difficult process of choosing the perfect name.  My husband and I are not agreeing on anything.  He like Charlotte and Ava.  Although nice names, I feel they are too popular.  My faves are Beth or Kate (not Elizabeth or Catherine but I could learn to live with them).  The more I push these names, the less my husband likes them.  I like short names with only one possible spelling.  Ava should fit the bill for me but it feels too over-used.  The only thing that is decided is her middle name will be Lynn - very common I know but a family tradition.  I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on our current options or suggestions to lead us in another direction?
Thank You!  S 


Well, S, I mean, come on. You know what I’m going to say, right?

You realllly don’t want to go out of the box here. Beth and Kate fit the bill, Ava and Charlotte aren’t cutting it. You aren’t exactly going for anything crazy, and while I get it, I’m sure you can respect that there’s not a whole lot of room to fluctuate here. In your defense, I can say that actually a Beth or a Kate would probably be the only one in her classroom, but you can’t be mad when she complains later that she has a “mom name”, particularly not if her middle name is Lynn. The longer forms are much less dated, which is ironic. 

So just in case you want to keep it familiar but a little less known, here are some names that fit your short-and-universally-spelled criteria…

Nina. Ivy (getting quite popular in some circles, though). Anna, which somehow retains its unusual charm. Ellen. Simone. Lucy. Lana. Are you bored? I don’t want to get too out of the box here, I don’t know how far to push this. Claire. Piper. Rae. Jane. Did I hit it? Anywhere close?

Let me know!