Hi Duana,
My sister is expecting her 4th baby at the end of August and we've been throwing around potential names for her new girl.

Her name is Melanie, and her kids names are Maia (May-ah not Mi-ah), Toby, and Madeline.
She is having her third girl and wants to stick with another M name that flows well and has some sort of British background to it (nothing too American sounding). I also suggested a T name for a girl so it goes 'M-T-M-T' is that tacky?
Any suggestions? Thanks! xx


The thing about matchy names is that they’re so purposefully done. You won’t always announce the names of your siblings, but when you do, it’s so clear that they’re meant to be part of a set. 

As such, I’m not sure at all why poor Toby is being left out of the “everyone-together” trend, especially because mom’s name also starts with M. I agree wholeheartedly with you that if they have to match, she should be another T name so that he has a matching partner and she’s not just one more in the club of M.  So.  T names that are somewhat Britishy? Thea. Tamsin. Tabitha has a weirdly downmarket vibe in some places but not in others – maybe it would work here? Maybe Tatyana is your name? Tierney?

Then again, I’m just some bitch on the internet who has no right to be judging anything, right? If that’s the case and you’re bound and determined to use an M name regardless, how about Margot? Underused and very stylish, it’s the right syllable length and approximate vintage as the others. Maeve, though Irish, not British, is incredibly stylish these days. A friend even told me Mavis is popping up at her kids’ daycare. If these feel too out there for Maia and Madeleine, there’s always Maisie (hopefully as a nickname for one of the above names) or Matilda.

I am always interested in how things go, but this one gets me in particular. Let’s hear it!