My husband and I just found out that we’re having a baby girl!  This will be our 3rd child and we are having a difficult time picking a name.  We have a unique family tradition to uphold.  On my husband’s side of the family, all children’s first names start with “D” and middle names start with “E”.  Our firstborn daughter’s name is Daphne Elizabeth and our son is Dylan Eugene.  We want to pick something unique that goes with Daphne & Dylan.  We need some fresh inspiration, can you give us some ideas please?



Oh, see, this is a treat! I feel like I’ve been given a fun Sudoku or logic puzzle or something. First of all, I have to tell you two things. One, I love the names you’ve chosen for your children, and two, I initially read this and thought you were having a boy. I had a whole different post ready. If he should ever appear, may I humbly submit Duncan Elias?  

But this is about your daughter. So the sky is the limit here. I should say that our biggest problem is going to be finding middle names starting with E that aren’t derivatives of Elizabeth, but we can persevere. 

You’ve already chosen my favourite girl “D” name, so I want you to know that the bar is high but also that I’m not vain enough to suggest my own name. I think one of the reasons that Deirdre is so often ignored is because it seems there are different pronunciations. But it’s so unusual, and ends with a similar-but-different sound to Daphne, that it could really work. Deirdre Elena. Deirdre Eleanor? If it’s feeling a bit grown-up film noir, how about Denise? No, I’m not joking. Even though the name has a tinge of the 80s about it, it’s totally prime for a revival, has a classiness to it that fits with the sleek sophisticated names you’ve already chosen. Denise Elisha? Also I really like that your D names each have an “n” in them in a different way. Maybe I should be suggesting Duana after all.

I won’t, though, and I won’t suggest Diana because it’s always seemed a bit, well, a bit Anne Shirley’s boring best friend, you know? But I will show you towards Djuna – I know, not really one you hear on the block – but how cool is that kid? Djuna Eve or Djuna Evelyn? She knows what’s up. Daphne and Dylan told her so. (Lainey: DJUNA!?)

Dorothea Esme? Delaney Erica? Daria Edina? I can go on…

I do want to remind you of one little gem kicking around, though. Dara. It’s been spelled Darragh also, but it’s beautiful and simple and stylish as it is, and says everything it needs to right up front. Daphne and Dylan and Dara? I’m feeling it. Dara needs a real “eeee” E-name to help the names get separated – Dara Enid? Dara Esther? Dara Elise? Not for nothing, but if it was good enough for my parents…!

I’m kidding. This was fun. Let me know! (And as an aside, what kinds of crazy combinations did your husband’s family come up with before this?)