My friend needs your help! stat! She and her husband are having their second baby and they know she is a girl. Their first born son's name is Hudson, so they are looking for a name that will go along with it (and have shot down my suggestion Hayden), but they can't seem to agree on a name. He only has one suggestion, and its Brooklyn, she is not a fan. Her first choice is Dylan. She has also thrown around names like London, Reese and Harper, so I am not sure what "type" of name she is really looking for.

She likes the idea of the girls name also ending in the letter N, but that is not a deal breaker. Are you able to suggest some things that go along with Hudson? Their last name is short, one syllable and also starts with an H.
Thanks for your help!


There are more than a few of you friends who are just waiting for the go-ahead to hit me up and I love it. The advice-by-proxy thing is part gossip and part It Takes A Village. Hilarious.

But it means that I have to remind you – and your friend – to First Do No Harm. She may not name Hudson’s sister Brooklyn. What are they, a New York Transit map? Are they a matching set? Absolutely not. London is also verboten, by way of too many place names are too damn cutesy, but dear God. No Brooklyn. You can read this part to her husband.

So what she wants, it seems, is something unisex and trendy. Not too traditional. So I’ll skip my suggestion of Helen and go instead with Tegan. No? How about Yasmine?  Emerson or Cameron, both staunchly in the neutral (but really girly) pile? Jocelyn?  Hell, Ellen? Imogen!

I know. They all feel a little dated, right? Maybe not Imogen, OK, but in general.   That’s because all the ‘n’ names are happening even as we speak – like with big brother Hudson. If she wants something along those gender-neutral lines – Emory? Ainsley? Hey, how about Bevan, which does boast the n-at-the-end? Harper and Avery are ridiculously trendy at the moment, but how about Fern? Josephine? Darcy? Hadley? Saffron? (Lainey: GOD NO, please not Saffron.)

I don’t…have a huge issue with Dylan, nor do I feel overly warm about it. I do think that it’s incredible how quickly it’s racing toward the girls’ side of things after being resolutely male for so long. I mean, Dylan McKay was not enough testosterone to make you feel like the name is all male?

Hudson and Emmeline. Hudson and Vada. (Hey, I really like this one.) Hudson and Celia? Hudson and Sydney?

Tell me where we land here – and tell your friend she has a good friend.