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Hi Duana,

I'm due with my 2nd in 6 weeks, it's a boy, and we're completely stumped. The only boy name both of us loved was August, which is now unusable as a family member recently named her son Augustus which is just too close for us. I love the sound of August, it's soft yet I think still masculine and has a unique quality to it. It's also unique enough where they won't be one of a few in their class.

We're really looking for something that has the same appeal--soft and unique but not too out there. I should mention that the baby's middle will be Angelo, a family name, and the last name is very Italian, starting with D, 4 syllables, and ending in O.

His sister's name is Clara, which we picked for the same reasons above--soft, not common, and just lovely. We really have no idea or leads on this one and the baby is on the way--please help!   


Can I just say how this is still rare? How often I get a request, and name sites are full of requests, all “well but is it strong enough for my son?” Something can be soft and strong, as many a deodorant commercial told us.

I feel like I’m overflowing with ideas, but sometimes when I feel like that things take a while to settle in and I get a bit of panicked logorrhea so let’s see.

Fergus? So many of the things you love in August can be found in Fergus.  Or Dashiell, or Caspian. Any of these starting to go your way? Clara is lovely and classic, so it makes me want to find something classic for her brother – how about the beautiful and underused Seth? 

Are these not there yet? Not landing? I have more. Byron and yeah, Dylan, and Warren. I wanted to suggest Kai, but I fear it’s a little too far from your Italian middle and last name. But then again, maybe not. That long “I” isn’t often heard in Italian names so maybe it’s a nice balance?

I can go on. Ambrose is about to be popular, I think, but in the best way possible. As I write this, Aaron Sorkin is backpedaling about how he should have written the Newsroom differently, and he’s annoying, but Aaron is a nice, culture-straddling universal name. How about Laurent? Or my new love, Emil?

I write “let me know” at the end, and I have probably a 15% reply rate. But you – I’m trying to help you out of a jam. You’re so close to the end, even if you choose none of the names in this letter – so slake my curiosity and tell me how it turns out!

(Lainey: How did Josh Hartnett make a movie called August with David Bowie and I’d never even heard of it?)

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