I would like some insight and suggestions please. We have 3 girls:
Belle, Una Fae and Evangeline. We are now expecting a boy. I was quite taken aback as we thought we were 'done' with our 3 girls and thus never imagined a boy in the mix, but mother nature had other ideas. And of course, we are delighted.

We love our girl's names. Each pregnancy (bar this one) we didn't find out the gender so we always picked a boy name, but none of them seem right for this baby. Our previous final boy names were: Wesley, Ellis and Samuel. This time around my husband loves Hunter whereas I am leaning towards Nathaniel.
The second name will be Mason as it is an important family name (and will stay regardless of the recent surge in popularity). We would never consider a too-popular name (thank goodness we didn't go with Samuel). But I like a name with a bit of magic to it - which is easier in girl names, doncha think?

I would love some ideas and suggestions. (Nothing celtic please - we live in Ireland and want to avoid being one of the 3 Connors in his class.)

All the best,



Well you have your work cut out for you, don’t you?

Heh. I’m not really trying to be as crotchety as that sounds, but wow, after three real roundhouse kicks where the girls’ names are concerned you do kind of have to go big with baby boy.

If his middle name is Mason, which yes is a little popular, but more importantly, is kind of a lower-key, get-along-with-everyone name to begin with, then I think you can go a little more out there with name #1.   Nothing wrong with Hunter or Nathaniel, of course (though Hunter Mason is too ‘I have an occupational name’ for my liking) but I do think you can stretch it a little more, kind of the way Wesley or Ellis would have been ever so slightly out of the box had it gone that way. Or as you say, names with a little ‘magic’ in them. Which is harder, but not impossible, to do?

So, celtic names aside, and I hear you there – what about Julian? Echoes of Una without being too close. Or my beloved Otto? Otto Mason Lastname?

Rafferty has been rattling around in my head a lot lately, and I’m not exactly sure what to do with it.  On the one hand it seems fresh and unusual – Belle and Una Fae and Evangeline and Rafferty – and on the other, a little precious. Still I can’t shake the attraction. You?

I have been told it is utterly fruitless to continue my affection for Barnaby – that I should not only cease and desist for my credibility, but because the name is tantamount to child abuse. But forget what my sister says, what do you think?  Barnaby Mason? I love it!

Finally, of course, there’s Felix. At this point I feel like he’s a best friend, a stalwart buddy I refer to often – but I don’t actually know a lot of babies with this name and I do know how well it would fit with your brood.

Let me know!