Help Duana

Hubby and and I are due with our second son in about 10 weeks. The two names in top contention are William and Thomas. Trouble is that our eldest son, now 2 1/2 is George (named after my grandpa, well before Prince G arrived) and I'm worried that if we name no. 2 William I'll cop all sorts of flack for being a mad royalist (which I am definitely not, though I pore over Kate's outfits and pics of G as happily as anyone else).

Hubby is set on Thomas (which is all my fault, I suggested it first and managed to talk him into it, then changed my mind) and I'm set on William. Bub's middle name will most likely be Howard after my Pa and we have a short, one syllable surname beginning with K.

I guess my main question is whether I'm wasting my time pushing for Will when I'll end up regretting it anyway, and whether I should just revert back to Tom and make it easy ... Will has my heart though.

Please help!


All right, I get you here. You feel like you shouldn’t have pushed Thomas so hard in the first place now that you know it’s going to wind up being your compromise.   You thought maybe if you shoved super hard on it he’d say NO BUT MAYBE WILLIAM and you’d be surprised at how much you liked the surprise “second” choice? No?

Okay, maybe just me then. Look, I have to say what I always say here – classics are classics for a reason. Because people can’t stop loving them, they sound good on any age group, and you’re happy with the image they evoke. In fact, look at it this way: when naming the baby, Will & Kate figured out what you already knew, way before them – George is awesome. 

So, George and William – hahah royal lover snerk snerk.  I mean…and?   Lord knows my name gave me enough trouble when I was a kid, but when others on the playground tried to do that rhyming thing like “Bart the fart”, all they could come up with was “Duana Banana!”   That didn’t hurt, and someone metaphorically yelling “You…you like British names!!” is not going to hurt you either.

However, if you really can’t bear it, you can call him Howard in the first place, because Howie is a damn cute name for a little boy, or you can go with Frederick or Louis (while we’re at it) or Arthur or Henry or go super crazy and choose Edward and call him Teddy. George and Teddy!

Long story short, it’s not always that you’re a Royalophile, it’s that the royals have been doing this long enough to choose names that endure. Which they should, because they stay on the throne FOREVER. Jesus, woman. Abdicate already.   Charlie’s going to have a hernia trying to keep his reserved smile on while he waits in reserve.

Let me know! 

P.S. Upon reading this I recognize that I did not even acknowledge the name Thomas. There is nothing wrong with Thomas, per se. But I will humbly submit that I think most of the names we’ve discussed here, including shapeshifter if-overused William, are better than it. Sorry! Bye!