Hi Duana,

I'm writing on behalf of my older brother (actually, my favourite one but don't tell my other siblings). After a very difficult journey that lasted seven long years, my sister-in-law and him are finally expecting a boy! We couldn't be any happier for them.

His first name will be Abraham. So they are looking for a middle name that "fits" well. Something fun would be an added bonus as I feel Abraham is a strong and serious name. We are Salvadorian, my sister-in-law is Bolivian and we live in La Belle Province (a.k.a. Québec, for our international friends), therefore they need a name that can be pronounced in Spanish, French and English. The last name is three syllables, starts with a C, ends with an O and used to be the name of a Volkswagen's model in the 90's.

The thing is... We have a couple of siblings, a few nephews and quite some cousins and there's a long list of names that can't be used. Here are a few: Alexander, Antonio, Christopher, Dario, David, Eduardo, Esteban, Jayden, Kelvin, Luis, Mateo, Matias, Melvin, Rafael, Samuel, Victor and I could go on for days... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your input! I can't wait to read your response.

An excited tia (aunt in English)!


Hahahah aren’t you lucky that you’re anonymous, Tia Not-Telling? How many other brothers also think they’re your favourite?

I will admit to reading this letter and definitively thinking two things.

1. I love the name Abraham, and
2. They need something with a bit of zip

With three syllables in both names, my inclination is to make the middle not only kind of fast, but with some literal movement – a name like Zane or Zack comes to mind. But there are other letters that do that too – it’s one of the reasons people like the ‘o’ names – Abraham Otis, or Abraham Otto, or Odin or Leo, or James. Abraham Jack, Abraham Jude? How great would it be if he were Abraham Jesse? A bit formal, a bit badass.

There are other names I’d put in that same category, but they might wind up being nicknames themselves. Still, if that seems to fit the bill – Abraham Gil, Abraham Cy.  Even something like Abraham Dane might work? I know a lot of these are ridiculously modern, but I really don’t think you need something old fashioned like Eduardo or Antonio when there’s already a lot of traditional going on. The exception would be if he were going to be consistently and only called Abe or Abie – then I think there’s room to expand into Abraham Balthazar or Frederic or etc. 

It’s awfully modern for me, but it’s Friday afternoon, and so it’s the name equivalent of letting our hair down. I can’t wait to find out how this goes! Let us know!