The thing with the updates isn’t just that you tell me I was right or wrong, or that you write in (and between 6-12 months seems to be around when people are able to update, in case you’re waiting on tenterhooks to hear how it went for one letterwriter or another), but that you’re so happy when you do.  Admit it, that’s not baby hormones. That's name joy, am I right?

Of course I am. Speaking of, here’s a letter in which I was right about at least one thing…!

Lily Gets a Vote Update

Hi Duana,

After 6+ months of pure crazines (colic, no sleep, sick babysitter, freezing cold weather, sore boobs, etc etc) I am finally writing to give you an update.

Her sister Lily was right, it was a (healthy) little girl! We finally went with Romy Sh***. We love it. I guess we just needed your approval. Lily calls her Roma or Elsa or Baby or anything else she can think of and we sometimes call her Romalicious or Romaneska.

You were right about one thing, though. It is unisex, so we got a lot of, “forgive me, girl or boy?” at the beginning. So she wears a lot of pink and has a pink blanket etc. No big deal (yet...!).

Just wanted to say thank you for validating our choice. It made a difference to us !

All the best,



And here’s one in which not only was the letter writer very happy in the end, she reminded me of a great name going forward.

Occam’s Razor Update

Hello Duana,

Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that we had our second boy and he is now 6 months old!  We wanted to say thank you for making us think hard and come up with a name, loved your suggestions.  In the end we went with Marcus, so I have my M & M (Michael and Marcus) in the end. Marcus in not overly very Russian, but translates quite well and my mum LOVES calling him Marik :-) Because it wasn't overly Russian name, we gave Marcus a very Russian middle name Pavel, which is my grandfather's name on my dad's side!

Thanks again and keep up the good work!


And finally, here’s a follow up to “Why do you hate Evelyn” which, as we all know, I don’t…

Why do you hate Evelyn Update

Duana! I wrote to you last month about Evelyn/Evie and how I wasn't hearing it here in Australia yet.

Well an Australian TV presenter has just announced that she has given birth to a little Evie and I have scrolled through hundreds of comments where women are declaring that they too have just named or are planning to name their baby Evelyn/Evie. 

So although I am slightly bummed as I wanted to believe that our little pocket of the world might not catch on (pregnancy delusion), I needed to let you know that you are fantastic at what you do and it looks like the wave is indeed about to hit!


I really hope these are as satisfying to read as they are to receive – keep both questions and updates coming, and have a great weekend IF IT'S SPRING WHERE YOU ARE. Jesus.

A note to name-nerd letter writers,

I love getting your letters. In order to give them the best chance of being answered in a timely fashion, could I please trouble you to include the due date in the subject line of your email? Also, please send only one email – duplicates are deleted and may result in your email not being answered. Thanks!