Hi Duana

My husband and I have come to a stalemate in choosing a name for our future little man and could use a neutral 3rd party to weigh in (i.e. not family or friends). We have short listed to 4 names over the past few months (I'm 32 weeks along) but haven't been able to come to much of a consensus since then.  My top two names are Samuel and Sebastian. His are Hendrix and Robson (like the mountain). We have a complex Eastern European last name that starts with a hard K and is three syllables...so flow is a bit of an issue to keep in mind.

Any front runners for you from that list? Or any compromises that come to mind?

Really appreciate your thoughts -


Hi J,

This one feels like a challenge, for sure. In general, while your choices are softer and a little more traditional, your husband’s are a little more on trend. That “x” in Hendrix in particular will put a timestamp on when your little guy is born – not that that’s a bad thing.

So you have an Eastern European last name with three syllables let’s call it Karnovich or similar. So the question is what happens with that.

As such, and discounting a middle name for right now, I think we can remove “Hendrix” from contention. I mean, if I had any say. There are an awful lot of hard syllables in it and combined with the fake last name I’ve made up (well, you said it was complex), it might be too much.  

Samuel, Sebastian, and Robson all have softer sounds that might make things a lot easier relative to your last name, and I might gravitate toward Sam in this case, because it seems to balance the harder sounds – but if none of them are exactly right, what about Julian? Light, easy, but still formal. Too Roman? How about Oscar? Those matching K sounds might be a nice rhythm. August is starting to come up as a legitimate contender these days, and the soft T at the end doesn’t really hurt. Somehow it reminds me of Robson in its slightly repeating sounds.   

Are any of these landing? If not, you might want to go another way and think about names like Nathan or Michel or even Anton – those soft-but-strong names that are imposing even when they’re not so long.

Let me know!