Duana Help! Naming our first born was super easy. My husband and I both have brothers and lots of male cousins that will do their part to honour family names. So there was no pressure for us to take that route. I opened up a baby name book, stumbled upon Nolan and that was it. Middle name Nash, easy. Sounded like a future Toronto Maple Leafs player and fit well with our last name. We have gotten lots of compliments on it. Fast forward to now, we are expecting baby boy #2 this May and we are struggling to come up with something we love. (FYI, totally had my girl name picked out in no time, Adelyn Anne) I am stuck on "D" names for some reason. Declan, Damon, Dylan... Dax for a middle name maybe. We like them, but we don't LOVE them. We are both into short names, since our last name is long and we like the idea of it sounding similar or complimentary to our first born. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!


(Honestly, who lets me name these articles?!)

Okay, I really like your style. Not because I like the name Nolan, although I do, but because I like that you’re picking a style and a few unassailable rules that you don’t break. In fact there are a lot of people who would do well to imitate you. They don’t have to do the same initial thing but it’s a wide alphabet out there, and people get overwhelmed. Maybe a way to get around your name paralysis, if you’re experiencing it, everyone, is to pick a couple of arbitrary rules – syllables or initials or whatnot – and then try to find a name. If a name outside your parameters appeals to you, then maybe you know it’s the one.

But on to you, actual letter writer – I love a devotion to D names. I’d add to your list Dyson (oh, whatever all of you who are going to whine at me about the vacuums, there will be a new cool vacuum in two years but the name will endure), Darden, Dexter – even Dermot. Dermot Dax is pretty badass, if I say so myself. How about Dieter? How has Dieter not caught on as a fantastic Peter alternate?

But, if for some reason they start not to ring the right way, then what if you switch your syllable count? Dax Dieter and his brother Nolah Nash? Come ON. People will lose their minds over these brothers. Or Dane Dermot. Or Dax Drury. Oh my God I love this game. How many more kids are you willing to have for my entertainment? Drexel Dov?

PLEASE tell me where you land! I cannot wait. And call me when it’s time for #3. And 4. Can we do R names for #5?

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