We are in the process of naming our fist child, a boy. We are from Texas and like Southern names, but do not want him to sound like he grew up in a trailer park (no offense to anyone out there) We aren't fans of the name Webster, but like the name Webb.  Would it be okay to name our baby Webb even though 1) it is not short for anything 2) It is not a family name?  Also, what sort of middle name would go with Webb? Our last name starts with a B and is two syllables.



I guess there must be people out there, somewhere, who read everything all the way to the end before they make any decisions, right? These people are calm and rational and would never stop a recipe halfway through because they didn’t realize they don’t have any onions. 

But I am not that person, so I was totally on board with this name – completely – until I got to your last sentence.  

“Our last name begins with a B…”

Then, I’m afraid, your baby’s first name can’t end with it. The thing is I think you kind of know that, too, or you wouldn’t have included it. A two-syllable last name starting with B. Let’s say it’s “Brewster”.  “Webb Brewster”.  “Webb Rooster”.  You know? This is one of those rules that is true, but that has a sliding scale based on people’s tolerance. Arthur Ransome exists. Amanda Atkinson exists. But they aren’t ideal. 

Then there’s the other side of the coin, which is that I LOVE Webb. I think it’s a great name. Unlike you, I have no problem with Webster, so I think I would probably name the kid Webster Brewster (assuming it wasn’t actually so rhymey) and just call him Webb when the mood struck me.

So are we at an impasse? Webb Blastname is hard to stomach, Webster isn’t for you.  So what about something else last-name-y? Reeve? Clarke? Kerr? Grey? My times in Texas have been fleeting, if fantastic, so I don’t know how well these marry with the kind of tone you’re thinking of – let me know!