Hi Duana!

I need name help. I've always loved pretty girl names that end in "A" (Olivia, Lila, Clara, etc), and my husband and I have finally found THE name for our baby girl - it's very unique and has a special meaning for us. Of course, though, it ends in an "A" AND our last name begins with an A! Is this is a name faux pas? Are there any examples where it works (I can't seem to find any). Should we get over this perfect name and move on to something else?


Ah yes, the “A” names. Feminine but not overbearing. Potentially sweet but not sugary. They can be a heady mix and a perfect solution for lots of name dilemmas.   So your question is very apt. Can they work with an “A” last name?

You know, I don’t know. Let’s try some examples: “Ramona Anderson” is difficult.  You have to do that glottal stop to prevent one from rolling into the other. “Sasha Arthurs” is a little better, because even though you still have to separate the name, “Arthurs” begins with a slightly different sound than Sasha ends with. “Clara Abramowitz”? Maybe. We’re getting far enough away from similarities in sound that maybe it doesn’t automatically arrest your child’s name and you can choose it with impunity.

But I hear you and I agree with you – it’s not perfect, even if it is the “perfect” name.   I was trying to think of situations where it has worked, but a scan of all my bookshelves and reminiscing about YA lit from back in the day is telling me I can’t find a perfect example.

The good news, though, is that nothing alliterates like an “A” name so if you can, hit up one of your A choices to go with your last name. Alice Anderson? Perfect. Adelaide Arthurs? Yes, for sure. Adrienne Abramowitz? Okay, not so much for syllable count, but still a really great name. Amabel Adams? You know you want to.

I am so anxious to hear how this comes out, please let me know! I know you have 25 other letters in the alphabet, but now I’m stuck on the As for you. Try it out?