Duana Names: They’re Born! The Updates Part 3

Duana Posted by Duana at September 30, 2013 14:35:08 September 30, 2013 14:35:08

Mae Is Not The Middle

Dear Duana, you asked how it turned out so here it is. Her name is Celia Allison. Thank you for your great advice regarding naming our baby. While we never did find something we both loved, you were right that it was a bad idea to settle. So I agreed to my husband's first choice of Celia thinking it was better one of us loved the name than neither of us. Also, I call her Cece which I think is super cute and can be dropped later if she hates it or becomes a CEO etc. Of course now that she's with us, she could never have ever been anything other than Celia. Thanks again for your advice, it was super helpful.

Again, this is the most fun part of an already incredibly fun job – please keep the name queries coming. We haven’t even begun to discuss whether or not the Duggars are having more of an effect on baby name trends than we originally realized!

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