My daughter, Harper, is 17.5 months (She was born 3 weeks before H7 and it kills me. Was not going for a trendy name. Just loved To Kill A Mockingbird in my youth).

Anyway, I'm pregnant again. Don't have any girl names, but like Victoria. And then I realized I'd be naming my second after H7s mom???

Do Harper and Victoria go together? Is that just too much Beckham for my kids??


I mean, it’s not a little bit of Beckham.

Ha. This is a hilarious problem, which I think you’ll forgive me for saying because you clearly know. As it is, I’m sure you’ve run into people who meet your daughter and say “Oh, like H7?” (If in fact they know who that is), and no, I don’t think you want to compound it with Victoria.

But take comfort in the fact that there are a lot of sister names for Harper that match in style and sophistication without making you look like you’ve hired a trio of boys to play her older brothers and start cutting the ends of your bob with a razor.

Let’s start way out there. When I think Harper I think somewhat androgynous, still feminine, literary associations…how about Greer? 

Okay, fine. I don’t think I could bring myself to name my own kid Greer, but I think it’s so awesome. I’m not sure what a four-year-old Greer looks like but I really want her to mentor me at 40. If not that, how about Regan? Harper and Regan? I know everyone’s always like “but Cordelia was the beloved daughter!” maybe, but Regan had the best name and the more I say it, the more I like it. Harper and Regan. Maybe?

If you’re looking for something a bit more familiar, how about some light sound-alikes? Harper and Esther? Harper and Arden?

If nothing else, how about a literary theme? Whom else do you love literary wise?  Virginia and Sylvia are also notable women’s authors, though the fact that they didn’t necessarily come to great ends in life may not encourage you.  

Okay. The reality of the situation is this – not many people know who on earth these people are. If there is nothing else that fits your tastes, choose Victoria, love it, and own it – just know that that one weirdo mom who smiles all “Victoria?  And Harper?” She knows. She knows your secret.