A bunch of updates came flowing in, letting me know that while everything else seems to be at a standstill because we’re waiting and waiting and waiting for summer to actually show up, babies are still arriving and being named and keeping us all amused. Really that’s what the propagation of the species is about, right? 

First, a spelling debate that got a lot of participation from all of you...

To T or not to T

Hi Duana,
I wanted to write back to thank you for answering my Margo/Margot question. Miss Gogo came 3 weeks early and I can't tell you how excited I was to read your response at 3:30am while sleepily pumping breast milk the first night home. Even though the birth certificate was already filled out I loved your input and really appreciate that you took the time to respond.

Anyway, the final name is...Margo Naomi! I toyed with the idea of lying and saying we went with Margot because I agree 100% with your logic. I think since my husband was anti-T for a couple months I started thinking of her as Margo in my head and by the time he came around to Margot it didn't feel like her name to me. Also when writing it out "Margot Trinh" it felt kind of awkward with the 2 back to back t's and the 2 silent letters. 

I love your middle suggestions. Lydia would have been great, I didn't think of that one! (I think Cordelia got nixed by husband). I came to the same conclusion re "MJ" and we just looked for a nice 3 syllable name to have a good 2-3-1 rhythm. And my grandma informed me after we announced the name that she had an Aunt Naomi so now I can say it's a family name, haha.

Thanks again!

p.s. I saw your follow up too and Margaux, while beautiful, was just too impractical to us. 

Then one of those situations where we didn’t quite get in under the deadline…though I would like to point out that this letter writer still took our advice.

Stop Alliterate and Listen 

Duana, thank you for sharing your name nerding insight and replying to my message. I was super excited to hear your feedback, even if it did come a couple weeks late. Our lil man made his debut early on May 14, 9lbs 11ounces of pure cuteness. (I may be a bit biased) Wanted to give you an update on his name. So for most of my pregnancy I was fixated on "D" names as I mentioned, with my husband’s top pick being Damon. However, not too long before I was set to give birth a member of our family had a baby boy and named him Damon! With that top pick taken off the table we were forced to go in a different direction. I compiled a short list of potential middle names and worked my way backwards trying to find first names that paired well. Long story short, we fell in love with Colin Clarke. It checked off every box we wanted and we couldn't be happier. Thanks again for your feedback,
love your articles!

Colin Clarke to go with brother Nolan Nash! I’m not kidding about naming their three siblings with letters B, W, and R.  

And finally, here’s a wayback playback! 

On Emergencies and Opie 

Hi Duana,

It's almost been a year since I've written to you for name advice so I figured it was time to update you!

I ended up going almost two weeks past my due date so we had lots of time to think of names. We had a baby boy, and we ended up naming him Opie. Just kidding! We named him Milo Richard. Milo was a last-minute addition and it works!

Thanks for you advice!

Thank you for all these updates – keep them coming, they’re so much fun!  In fact, keep having babies so we can play again!

A note to name-nerd letter writers,

I love getting your letters. In order to give them the best chance of being answered in a timely fashion, could I please trouble you to include the due date in the subject line of your email? Also, please send only one email – duplicates are deleted and may result in your email not being answered. Thanks!