Spring is ploughing ahead, which brought a random query into my head: so April, May, June, August... All very popular names.

Why not July then?

It's got a nice flow and ring to it, and in so many countries July is the best holiday month - hot and beautiful - so it also comes with great connotations. What's not to like about it?


I think it’s because it can be pronounced improperly. July doesn’t sound bad, I agree – and I would like to see someone try it. But I think that the confusion is that someone who gave their child this unusual name would be so frustrated that people would look at it and, hoping not to mispronounce it, and say “Hi Julie!” I think it would be seen as an affectation of an already name-name. This problem doesn’t exist for May, for example, which is pronounced the same way no matter whether you spell it M-A-E or not.

Most of the names that end in this sound are for men – Malachi, Mordecai, Eli (although I once heard someone, having only read the name, refer to it as “the boy’s name Ellie”), Levi.

But if this sound is what you crave and you don’t want to go with July (though I’m not saying you shouldn’t), your options include Lorelei or Sarai or Adelei, which Nameberry says is a new creation, which might deter people. Or if you just need that sound in the name, Adeline and Emmeline and Caroline will get you there. Or, like, Sia.

I feel like there are more names that I’m missing for girls with this ending, so send them my way and I’ll update it!

Have I mentioned this is a fun gig?

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