Hi Duana - I have a 2 year old son named Wyatt. Agreeing on his name was one of the more difficult things my husband and I have ever done (I swear it's the ONLY boy name we came across that we both loved). I just found out we are expecting our second child this August - we don't know yet if it's a boy or girl - and I am already stressing about how we'll ever agree on another name.He thinks my name preferences are usually weird and I think his are usually boring.  I've searched all the baby name sites for "names that go with Wyatt" and nothing has popped out at me.  I love Wyatt because it doesn't feel totally common OR totally off the wall, it's a little bit rock and roll, but could also be professional and refined enough for when he needs a business card.  I'd love some suggestions for names that would follow the same suit....Please help!


“He thinks my name preferences are weird and I think his are usually boring.” If I was a singer of the Meryn Cadell type who worked in spoken-word songs, this would be my signature tune and also the chorus. It comes up over and over again.  So the question here is how to match Wyatt in a way that feels organic to you.

Is it weird that I immediately go to a country place? I think of Clementine. Wyatt and Clementine. You know it works, but if you’re thinking it’s a little too country song, what about Faith? It’s young and still strong – but if it’s not a sentiment you want, then I must remind you of one of my current name crushes, Greta. 

When that name comes up at my house, certain un-evolved namers say things like “we don’t live in a German fairytale”. If that’s the same kind of numbskulled response you’re getting, how about Leta? Fresh and unusual but still familiar enough (yes, I know there’s a small faction of people who know about that blogger who has that daughter, but most people don’t know who that is, including me until someone told you a month ago).

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I love it. Wyatt and Leta. Lovely. If you don’t buy it, how about Wyatt and Nadia? Yes I know one is kind of western and one is kind of Eastern Bloc, but they kind of go together nicely, when all is said and done.  

Finally, let me throw you a curveball – Roisin. RoSheen. I know. I know. I know about the spelling and the fact that it doesn’t look like it sounds, but Wyatt and Roisin seem like a couple of characters in a book. Come on. Come on!