Dear Gossips,

Today is the day!

It’s Duana’s BOOK BIRTHDAY! Her first book, The Name Therapist, is now available. Click here to order. And why?

Because Duana’s book is for everyone. Because we all have feelings about our names. Some people love their names. If you love your name do you have to be modest about it? Like, is declaring that you love your name the same as telling people you think you’re pretty? I wouldn’t know because I pretty much have the lamest name ever – Elaine. Elaine isn’t sexy. Elaine isn’t cool. Elaine is definitely not being revived by hipsters having babies. Elaine is not Edith, or Ruth, or Eleanor, or Agnes, or Alice, or Hazel, or Maude. Elaine is never making a comeback. You know why? Because Elaine is never in the spotlight, she is the sidekick. That’s the point I’m trying to make in my latest column for FLARE: why my name sucks. Click here to read it.

Duana wrote a whole book about our complicated relationship with our names. The Name Therapist is wise and funny and kind but she’s not afraid to be honest. About her name. About your name. About all the names. I am so proud of her, every day, of course, but especially today. Get the book here – and tell everyone you know!

Yours in gossip,