Dear Gossips,

I’ve been waiting for this weekend for 6 months. Back in June, right after the Tony Awards, a new block of Hamilton tickets was released. I don’t know how it happened but, somehow, I managed to get tickets for December 3. I’ve never been more obsessed with my iPhone. When it pulled up to the page to pay, I actually kissed the screen. I love Hamilton. Because Duana harassed it into me. To say that Duana is committed to Hamilton is an understatement. At this point she basically has a degree in Hamilton. Last week I sent her some video of a Beyoncé/Hamilton mashup and she was such a nerd about it her first reaction was like, “Hmmmm…weird. It’s not endorsed”. Earlier this year on a group text she lectured me and our friend Lorella about how particular Lin-Manuel Miranda is about the representation and reproduction of his work, how it’s part of a larger plan to roll it out, strategically, after Broadway, to other cities, and then gradually into schools and local communities. Anyway she went on about it for so long, with so much passion, she didn’t even notice when we stopped responding after 3 hours.


So most of my excitement about seeing Hamilton was seeing it WITH Duana. And watching her see it for the first time. I know what she’s going to be like all day, I can practically see her face the moment she arrives at the theatre. I think she might start crying as soon as she gets into her seat. She was over at my place last night and was practically vibrating with excitement. This is a monumental weekend for her. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to witness it for myself. Found out a few weeks ago that I have to work tomorrow. But I am so, so, SO happy for Duana. Like I can’t wait for her to be so happy, does that make sense? I feel like I felt on the Friday right before she got married. Duana is going to Hamilton tomorrow! Said with the same enthusiasm as “Duana is getting married tomorrow!”

In honour of Duana’s Hamilton weekend then, read about the Hamilton Mixtape, “a love letter to a love story”. And go back to Rebecca Mead’s profile of Lin-Manuel Miranda for The New Yorker when Hamilton first opened at the Public Theatre, several months before it moved to Broadway. And her follow-up on the “Renewed Relevance of Hamilton” just two weeks ago, again in The New Yorker.

Duana is going to Hamilton tomorrow! Tweet her @duanaelise if you want to send her a note.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,