Almost all of the film industry has been focused the last few days on TIFF. And still The Social Network is getting so much play. They’re doing a brilliant job on the marketing, and they’re courting the online community too – obviously – with fantastic results.

Hype around The Social Network is very, very, VERY strong. And the reviews are equally so. Everyone is jizzing over Fincher’s film, over his technique, over the acting, particularly the acting, and now Deadline is going so far as to declare it’ll score nominations in every category including Best Supporting Actor for both Andrew Garfield AND...

Pipsqueak Justin Timberlake.


What in the ass?

Remember all his bad acting faces? Click here for a refresher. And this might go to the Kodak?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I’ve no doubt it’s an incredible movie. I’ve no doubt it’ll be considered a tremendous achievement. But calling a nod for Pippy to court a younger television audience is pissing on the real work of young actors who can clearly out-class him.

Can you imagine his f-cking ego now?

Cut to Justin telling the Academy they should thank HIM for their ratings and showing Daniel Day Lewis how to do his job.


We’ll play Oscar serious speculation some more on our next liveblog.

This is Pips shooting Friends With Benefits yesterday.

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