Received several panicked emails yesterday when I was out in the field about James McAvoy and … January Jones? There was no context so it was puzzling. Then I hopped on a computer at the Palais and read about Ted Casablanca's report that the father of her child was someone on the X-Men set … which… fine, I mean I'm still not sure why people care that January Jones is pregnant but sure, there are a lot of people on a set - crew, cast, studio, marketing, etc - and I don't doubt she could have hooked up with any of them.


WHY would you first assume it would be James McAvoy?

WHAT would give you any indication, anything in his behaviour, past, present, wife, child, to suggest that it could possibly be him?

An apple-cheeked James attended the National Movie Awards last night.

You know what worries me more? That X-Men: First Class will suck.

Photos from Reimschuessel/ and Dave Hogan/