This week, Queen Beatrix (I LOVE this name) of the Netherlands abdicated the Orange Throne (I don’t know if they really call it this but it would be awesome if they did) so that her son, Willem-Alexander, could become king. It was a very popular move. The people approved. Willem-Alexander appears to have inherited his mother’s grace and humility. He does not expect people call him “Your Majesty” if they don’t want to. In fact, he said they could call him whatever they like.

You think Prince Charles will be so chill about that when he takes over, eventually, from Queen Elizabeth? Charles and Camilla were invited, along with royal people from all over the world, to Amsterdam to celebrate Queen Bea’s decision. I’ve attached a selection of them below. Prince Albert of Monaco was there too. And, curiously, without Charlene Serene. (Thanks Lisa!)

This event was a big deal. As the First Lady of the Monegasques, she would have been expected to be at her husband’s side. I’m sure there’s an “official” reason. But...what’s the “unofficial” reason?

Serenity was seen just 10 days ago at the Monte Carlo ATP Masters Series tennis tournament. She seemed fine, and even let Albert touch her hand without weeping. I’ve attached those photos below. Oh, here we go. You’re bumpwatching, aren’t you? Bumpwatch, as I’ve always said, is highly unreliable. But Bumpwatch + Absence At Mega Royal Event is definitely more intriguing, right?


She was never expected. Charlene Serene was allowed to go home to South Africa for charity commitments and went to a friend’s wedding. Did her friend cry at the wedding?