The Rock Dwayne Johnson has joined the Fast & Furious franchise. Here he is with Vin Diesel who I call Shrek because, obviously, and Paul Walker today in Moscow promoting the upcoming Fast Five which will make a stupid amount of money and that’ll be an excuse to make another one and…what else does Paul Walker do?

The trailer is… ridiculous. Like straight up funny. Every time Shrek Diesel delivers a line I laugh. I laugh so much, with such happiness, that I think it might even enjoy the entire movie experience. As one giant come ON.

All day I’ve been asking myself, would you go out with Shrek Diesel if he took you to the Royal Wedding? Take off the first layer when you’re thinking about it. I mean, the automatic would be – hell yeah, I want to go to the Wedding. But you want to go to the Wedding to have fun. Do you want to go to the Wedding and have everyone know you’re there with Shrek Diesel? And will you actually have any fun when Shrek Diesel is always #1, wherever he goes?

I don’t know if it’s that easy of a call.

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