It’s kind of impossible to hate Dwayne The Rock Johnson, isn’t it? He’s cheesy as f-ck but he knows it. He’s not asking you to take him seriously. He wants you to have fun because he’s having the most fun. How did you resist that? How do you not smile when you see him? You might roll your eyes, sure, but he probably wants you to.

Who better then to lead the new Baywatch? Yes. It’s confirmed. He confirmed it on Instagram like this:

“This is my beach bitch! Rumors are true... we're making #BAYWATCH the movie. Edgy, raunchy and hopefully, funny as all hell. Cue slo mo running on the beach... #WhoNeedsMouthToMouth #RedShortsBeHugginABrotha"

(There should be a comma between “beach” and “bitch” but I’m not going to hold The Rock to grammar, are you?)

Also, the photo:

Come on. Give him at least a chuckle.

So…who’s the new Pamela Anderson?

I already voted for it three years ago – click here to see.

The original Pam was at Chateau Marmont last night. He’ll never admit it but when I first met Jacek – he was 24 and I was 26 – Pamela Anderson was his ideal. (DO NOT TAKE THIS PART OUT, JACEK! No editing!)

(Note from Jacek: I have no idea where she's coming up with this. Maybe back then Pam didn't have fake boobs the size of small watermelons yet.  That would have been the only way I would have thought she was attractive.)