There will be a fifth Fast & Furious movie. Yes, I agree. Oh lawd.

But the People rushed the fourth one with the return of Shrek and Paul Walker. The People supported the franchise. And so the People are getting another. It will be called Fast Five. And Shrek and Walker this time will be joined by Dwayne The Rock Johnson who, apparently, is taking a break from family features. Not a bad move.

Here’s The Rock in San Juan, Puerto Rico yesterday after dinner. Shrek was also spotted earlier in the day, in a white beater, naturally , and black jeans, leaving his hotel accompanied by what looks to be an Ed Hardy hybrid Jersey Shore bodyguard. No doubt. Presumably then they are shooting there.

This has always, always been a mystery to me. How Shrek can bring the quiver. You know who you are. I can’t... it just... repulses me. And the way he speaks, that voice, like he was left behind when Man discovered tools... I don’t get it. I will never get it.

Photos from Photopress PR/