Maybe it's the humidity, but these photos cracked me up.

Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson was in London today to promote his movie Hercules, the second Hercules to come out this year. The first, you recall, or maybe you don't, because Kellan Lutz was in it, buried in January. The Rock is a big box office draw, as you know. But after so many blockbusters already this summer, how will his Hercules land? Some people insist that he's a proper heartthrob. Not really my jam but I work with several people, ahem Traci Melchor, who'll go see anything he's in.

Right now, I just care about how funny he looks posing at Trafalgar Square. It's the colour of his suit resembling the colour of the lion. The effect is that you just see his floating head. And with that cheesy, million dollar smile he's giving, that just adds to the silliness of this shot.