Have you been following this on Twitter? If not, do a search for #AskELJames. E.L. James, the author of Fifty Shades Of Grey, decided to participate in a Twitter chat today, I guess to promote the new book, Grey, and, well…

That’s kind of Twitter is for, isn’t it?

Here’s a sample:

My personal favourite:

Mara Wilson is, so far, the most famous person to play along. Click here for her timeline. You’ll note, Mara retweeted someone who was responding to allegations of unfairness towards James:

E.L. James does have a lot of power. Ask Sam Taylor-Johnson. Nothing changes for E.L. James after this Twitter chat. She doesn’t have to be afraid to go to a meeting. She doesn’t have to worry about not having friends. She made 20 million pounds last year. She’s making a lot of money off this new book. She’ll make more when the new movies come out. For those who’ve been tweeting snark at her though, it’s small satisfaction, a few minutes, maybe an hour, where they feel like they’ve been able to say something, be heard, and then, well, they don’t get to go home to 20 million pounds. With that in mind, yeah, I think I’m OK with what went down today.