Eating the Entire Menu via Amex Platinum Dining Experience

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 11, 2015 14:41:09 September 11, 2015 14:41:09

If you caught my tweet a couple of weeks ago you saw that I recently had the pleasure hitting up some of Toronto’s best restaurants via the American Express Platinum Concierge service that comes along with my Amex Platinum Card.  Love dining out in the summer. We have had so many people in town visiting, so many birthdays to celebrate, so much catching up to do. A few weeks ago, our close friends Lorella and Paolo were back from London. My bond with Lorella is strong…because neither one of us can stop eating. I really wanted to take her out and be surrounded by food. So we went to One in Yorkville and ordered FIVE appetisers (OMG, the crispy chicken tacos), three entrees, and several desserts. Basically the amount of food normally found at a 6 person table. Amazingly, we were not judged. A couple of Friday nights ago was Colette reconnecting with old friends, and last Saturday it was my Cousin Cat’s birthday. So we went to Blowfish and, once again, ate all the food. You have to in Chinese culture. The more food there is on your birthday, the more luck you’ll have the following year.

Everything was booked through Platinum Concierge. There’s no messing around with websites and weird times, people putting you on hold when you call the restaurant or giving you attitude about not calling with enough advance notice. And you don’t have to worry about reservations not being honoured. It’s super easy, so reliable, and convenient - basically like having an assistant making the arrangements for you. Name the place and the time and they email you back with a confirmation. And it isn’t just the convenience and peace of mind that you get by booking via Platinum Concierge, it’s also the added perks. These might be the best seat in the restaurant – as we had at Colette – and a complimentary glass of champagne or dessert. This NEVER GETS OLD. When they come with those bubbles at no additional charge, it’s always a surprise, and a baller way to end the evening.

If you’re a Platinum Cardmember already and would like to start creating your own memorable experiences, book your next dining reservation via Platinum Concierge at 1-800-525-3355. If you don’t have a Card and are interested in learning more, you can find out more about the Platinum Card here. Feel free to also explore for some of the hottest upcoming events that will be sure to create memorable moments like this one did for us, at your fingertips.

Eat well!

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