Ebola Paris Hilton was out last night in LA for a photo opp with her man. Apparently it’s working on a new reality tv show with Oxygen. Tori Spelling is on Oxygen too, non? Dumb network. Especially if it wants to sign Ebola. Because you know about Ebola. You know it touches and destroys...everything. So I’m just saying, if Oxygen goes ahead, and you have stocks, maybe you need to check on that.

Anyway, about Ebola’s boyfriend, his name is Cy Waits, like if there was ever, ever the perfect name for a douchebag. And if ever, ever there was a perfect face for a douchebag too.

This is what we call a Beat-Me-Face. Yes, yes, violence is wrong. But when you look at it, isn’t it hard to control your punching urge? He has that gang rape look in his eyes, and always a thin film of coke sweat oozing out of his pores, and the first words out of his mouth are always “I know”. Men like Cy are to be avoided at all costs. If you’re lucky, you have an instinct for it. My ma trained that into me.

Of course Ebola is all over it. Soul mates, they are.

The soul mates ran over a pap last night. And don’t side with the f-cking celebrity on this one. Who do you think called photographers to be there in the first place? Then again, if you’re shooting Ebola, maybe you do deserve it. Because you’re actively asking to be contaminated.

Photos from INFphoto