Last summer at the World Cup, the Dutch took out Brazil, and for Brazilians, losing at the World Cup is tantamount to disaster. Instead of dousing it with a corrosive substance, Brazil fans decided to fraternise with Ebola Paris Hilton. The eventual result? Victory to Spain. Click here for a refresher.

So did they learn from their mistake?


Ebola Hilton was invited to attend Sao Paolo Fashion Week. It arrived today with its boyfriend, welcomed at the airport by a crowd of hundreds. You people are just asking for trouble.

Also please note how the boyfriend is wearing his hoodie. A dealbreaker. Any dude who decides to strategically stop his zipper in between his ‘roid ragey pecs is a dealbreaker. I suppose however that this kind of style move goes along with his rapist-murderer face. Right? You see this face approach at the club, girl you need to run like hell. Because it will not end well.

Now I know we cannot control the faces we were born with, but given that this piece of sh-t bombs coke into his nose while driving, and willingly inserts his penis into Ebola’s black hole vagina, it’s really the only conclusion. Besides, as previously noted by a very clever reader, the similarities between his face and Scott Peterson’s are really undeniable. I’ve attached.

Photos from Brayan Celebrity/