Someone sent me a link to this last week: a new strain of Ebola virus was identified near the Ugandan border … the virus is cleverly mutating. Just like Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton.

Its legacy will live on, promising the spread of her disease indefinitely, gathering disciples in her black hole vagina, and a long list of victims waiting to be destroyed.

Meet Crystal Rock Audigier, the daughter of the designer of choice for douchebags, Christian Audigier. She celebrated her Sweet Sixteen on Saturday at a party that was filmed for an episode of MTV’s Sweet Sixteen with a guest list that included T.I. and those PussyCat dumbasses and of course Ebola and her sister.

Look at this child. 16 years old, mentored by that revolting piece of sh*t, encouraged by her father, and frothing at the mouth to be let loose on LA.

No one is safe. Trust.

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