Ebola Hilton was in Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl. This is why Arizona lost. She was wearing a Larry Fitzgerald jersey.

Poor Larry.

He was powerless against infection. F-ck her!

So Ebola was supposed to get on a flight the next morning back to LA to shoot images for her new fragrance.

Like, who the F-CK IS BUYING HER FRAGRANCE? No, seriously, for reals. There are people out there keeping her in business, spending their money. This is why brothers and sisters are not allowed to procreate.

Anyway, Ebola, tired from working too much on her knees the night before, ended up missing her flight. Of course an entire crew had been waiting for her, had slaved away on Sunday too to prepare for the photo shoot. Never mind their time, not at all.

Her people announce that she’ll arrive at 9:30pm instead.


You know what she did? My sources say she ended up back in Los Angeles at 5pm. But instead of heading straight to the set, she decided she needed a nap. So she slept a few hours before getting to the studio just before 10. And everyone, a team of 20+ people, had to stay and work with her skank diseased ass until almost 4am.

You know she goes on, right? About how hard she works, about how she busts it to build her empire. Is this working hard? Other people are working hard. All she’s doing is working on spreading her deadly virus. A virus that keeps killing, and killing, and killing.

Oh Arizona. We feel your pain.

PS. She’s featured as a mermaid in the new ads. Ebola infects the seas.

Photo from Splashnewsonline.com