Ebola’s trying to make music again. The song is called…

I think it might be called Good Time. But I’m not sure and I’m not wasting my good time checking. The only time I’ve wasted is on finding the embed code for the video and listening to the first minute. Which is hilarious. Hilarious because it sounds like it was recorded in a basement with a ghetto blaster. And it also sounds like it’s been discarded by every pretend-artist out there. Like, it very well could have been discarded by Rebecca Black.

Let’s start this rumour. Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton is singing songs that even Rebecca Black wouldn’t sing.

My concern here is for Lil Wayne. Weezy’s health problems have been well documented. Is this a good idea? Collaborating with Ebola? Willingly subjecting oneself to a deadly virus when your body has already been through so much?

Ebola kills careers. It causes professional hemorrhaging. It is merciless. And Wayne has now aligned himself with it. What will be the consequences?