This is for Lara who’s had a rough week at work and needs to lose herself in a little dirty daydreaming over Ed Westwick.

Spreading like wildfire across the internets, somehow stumbled upon them – personal photos of Ed and Chace Crawford doing what young rich men do: hang out with their friends, get annihilated, and make out with girls. Pardon me for the vulgarity but even though he’s wee, even though I’m not feeling that hairy chest and the chains, we talked about it the other day my girlfriend and I and there is something about Ed Westwick that makes us want to smash our tits in his face.


There really is no other way to put it.

A selection of my favourites is attached. You will note the presence of one Taylor Kitsch with Chace in a few. They met on the set of some movie I can’t be bothered to look up. No, really, it’s a waste of time.

To view all the photos – and do it while you can – click here.