Ugh. Hate when this happens. You fall in love with a character and he becomes the hotness. Then the dude gets his picture taken and it all turns to sh*t. Such is the case with Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. If you’re into him too, stop reading here. The photos will ruin him for you.

Ed Westwick (Chuck), Penn Badgley, and Chace Crawford stopped by TRL the other day to promote the show. As you can see, Ed’s pants have issues. First of all, they sit too high. And the wash is ass. And few boys can pull off the ankle length - he’s not one of them. And Ed, like Chace, has a small case of gay face. Gay face is great for the gays, but not for the girls.

Most alarming though is the chest hair. It’s dark and wiry and scares me.

Am over Chuck Bass.

Hate when this happens.

Photos from Splash