In high school, at least once. And definitely the case on the Upper East Side.

So according to W Magazine sources, Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr, costars on Gossip Girl, were spotted at the airport in Dallas sharing a few stolen moments – kissing, touching, flirting – even though they had already been recognised by fans and squealy girls. Chace Crawford was apparently also with them though not involved in the shenanigans. He would need another boy for that.

Chuck and Vanessa – is a relationship in the works? Or is it more a case of coming down after a one-off weekend?

Ugh. Who cares?

Can we talk instead about his pants and the all British boy suspenders? Ed Westwick, Robert Pattinson, Jim Sturgess… only Ed’s body is the worst of the lot. Ew. So yeah, I totally still want him.

Thanks Leah!

Gossip Girl returns tonight after a 2 week break. I’ve missed Blair!

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