Ed Westwick arrived at LAX yesterday and totally stroked my quiver. He’s disgusting. And it’s hot that way. Not to be confused with Jacek’s HateF-ck either. A HateF-ck and a ShameF-ck are two totally different beasts. I don’t hate Ed Westwick. I just wouldn’t want you to know.

And he’s supposedly single now. News broke a few weeks ago that Jessica Szohr cheated on him and he was devastated and apparently it’s over. They haven’t been seen together in a while. And she was poseharding like a Jenny Humphrey at the Met Gala the other night. Then again, at that age, breaking up and getting back together is what being in love is all about.

As for Gossip Girl, it’s not a must watch Monday night show anymore for me, and I am an episode behind, but it’s better these days. I actually quite like it. Especially since I love hating Little J. And there’s all this angst happening between Chuck & Blair that’s getting me all angsty too. In other words, I pay attention half the time and tune out when Serena starts mumbling.

Season Finale is promising some CB drama. Fine. I’ll buy.

Photos from Wenn.com