Ed Westwick arrived in Sydney today looking rough from a long flight. Even he looks like he can’t stand himself. And that chest hair. And those pants. And his wee-ness. And those boots. Disgusting. I want him.

Westwick just celebrated his 23rd birthday on Sunday. Not sure if Jessica Szohr was with him. They were broken up, and then they were together again in Miami, and maybe that was a last time f-ck, because last week they were supposedly not on, but they could still be on because they’re kids and they never know what they want.

Westwick has apparently spent his Gossip Girl hiatus shooting a movie called Chalet Girl which, judging from the title, sounds like a toss away, except for the fact that Bill Nighy is in it. Sophia Bush’s involvement however... well... sometimes it’s just a job for Bill, you know?

Photos from Brendon Thorne/Gettyimages.com