Georgina’s back…and more

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 27, 2009 15:01:58 April 27, 2009 15:01:58

The CW has revealed on its Gossip Girl website tonight that Georgina’s back. And supposedly she’s “transformed”. Word is they need to fight a more formidable foe.

And prom is coming up.



Prom drama is delicious.

Especially if Chuck Bass and Georgina are up to no good. Together.

As for Chuck in real life – Ed Westwick was in London last night at the British Academy Television awards, all dressed up and looking smarmy and trying out some stubble which only makes him look dirtier, more disgusting, and therefore totally appealing in his signature mothershamef-cker kind of way.

Do you ever wish you could reach into a picture and adjust an arm or brush away a hair? There isn’t anything I’d rather do than to grab his foot and turn it inside, just an inch or two. Gross!

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