This Gossip Girl hiatus feels like an eternity. I think we still have another week to go before the Upper East Side makes a return.

The good news? The CW has renewed it for another season. Hopefully the writing improves the last half of this season? Lately it’s been balls.


I need me some Chuck Bass.

Look at him, my shamef-ck, Ed Westwick today shooting in New York.

He’s disgusting!

Oh my God, I want him.

The open toe stance is hideous. And his smarmy little glare, equally so. But then the sight of his loose hair whipping in the wind – it’s almost enough to override the fact that he looks like he’s skipping across the street in his skinny jeans.

Ms E…I know you’re out there reading. Are you lying down yet? Heh.

Also attached – bland Blake boring the sh-t out of you and me in a camel coat. She totally could have been in Benjamin Button.

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