As revealed yesterday – spoiler alert – Chuck Bass on this season’s Gossip Girl will kiss a boy for Blair. The boy will be played by Neal Bledsoe and he was spotted on set today with Ed Westwick. Rather generic looking fellow. I’ve been staring at him for 5 minutes now and still can’t remember his face in my mind.

Perhaps this is the point. He’s obviously not as memorable as Chuck Bass.

Chuck is wearing purple. Purple is Chuck’s fried rice. This must be a good scene.

Season premiere of Gossip Girl is on September 14th, right in the middle of TIFF when I’ll be balls deep in junkets and carpets and, um, Grey Goose, and hopefully invited on Ewan McGregor’s next road trip. Which is why I’m trying to get my hands on a screener. Please don’t hate.

Photos from Jose Perez/