Ed Westwick is that you?

From Gossip Girl to Clint Eastwood?

Blake Lively will be jealous. For real.

It’s a major professional accomplishment for Ed Westwick – Deadline reported yesterday that he’s signed onto Eastwood’s upcoming J Edgar Hoover film with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead. Westwick will play an agent chosen by Hoover to write his biography who asks too many of the right questions and gets uncomfortably close to the secrets.

Well…that doesn’t suck, does it?

It appears Westwick can act outside of Chuck Bass. At least Clint Eastwood thinks he can. Does this mean Clint watched Gossip Girl when he was considering it? Not likely but I hope so. Because it’s really, really funny in my imagination.

Attached – a black gloved Westwick stomping around in New York today shooting Gossip Girl.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com