So LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are engaged. Oh that’ll work out well.

After all the Shape Magazine controversy and the complaints from readers over having a “homewrecker” on the cover and the editor’s subsequent retraction of her initial apology –click here if you missed all that last week – she then skipped her own party. It was last night, Page Six says that she said that she was sick. And this on the same day that E! broke the news that they actually are engaged, which could explain why Cibrian’s ex-wife decided to get behind the wheel of a car, drunk, and try to kill people with her car. Dumbass. All of them.

But about this wedding, about this relationship, about his divorce and alimony and child support – how do you suppose one goes about paying for that? TV movies of the week, sure, maybe a cheesy calendar here and there, and then – ironically? – there’s the American Bankruptcy Institute Annual General Meeting on April 2, 2011. See the flyer here. It’s being sent around for sponsorship solicitation.

And, well, what would a bankruptcy conference be like? I’m told it’s a real f-ckin’ party. Which makes this amazingness even better because part of her contract specifies that she has to meet and greet some high rollers. So, um, gross middle-aged men with bad shoes and sweaty pits who order too much porn in their hotel rooms?

This sh-t has a way of working itself out.

Thanks Emily!

Photos attached from Rimes’s interview with ABC.

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