Eddie Cibrian was busted for cheating with LeAnn Rimes back in March. Their Lifetime movie then scored super high ratings, and now Eddie has been confirmed as a series regular on CSI: Miami in the fall.

Yay for infidelity!

More acting gigs mean more money. And Eddie needs money. Because his wife chose to stay. And staying is expensive (ask Kobe). But her leaving is even MORE expensive. So his affair with LeAnn is helping him book jobs which will help him pay to make his wife happy after he betrayed her with LeAnn.

It would have been easier just to stay faithful, non?

This is Eddie riding around on his bike last weekend. And screencaps of the love scene attached from his tv movie with LeAnn who, according to Eddie’s wife, has been stalking Eddie and refuses to accept that he doesn’t want to f-ck her anymore.


Photos from Wenn.com