I can almost hear the money being drained from Eddie Murphy’s bank account… You?

Just one day after calling a press conference to announce that she’s going after his money to support their daughter, Mel B showed up at The Ivy yesterday with none other than Eddie’s ex wife Nicole. As you can see, it was a very friendly affair. And as you know, no one dines at The Ivy without making a point. Nicole is the mother of five Murphy children. Nicole already has her own financial deal in place and will likely demand more and more of it as the kids get older.

Amazingly enough however Nicole is willing to share the Murphy fortune with little Murphy Brown and Mel and when greed takes a backseat to revenge, you know there’s a serious prick behind the drama. In this case Eddie Murphy. He wronged his ex wife who stuck with him and he wronged Mel B when he fathered her child, denied paternity, then publicly called her a slut.

Karma Calamity, see?

So now he’ll have to bust his ass for 20 more years to pay off his moral debt. Kind of explains the fatsuits and the sh-t ass movies, non?