It’s barely November, but Emma Stone is calling up the heavy hitters to help celebrate her (fantastic) work in La La Land. A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lawrence held down the fort for Emma in New York and made a Tonya Harding reference for the ages — but last night, it was Eddie Redmayne’s turn to raise a glass on her behalf in Los Angeles.

According to both Indiewire’s Anne Thompson and The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg, it was the first Hollywood-area screening of La La Land for Academy members. Barbra Streisand attended, and reportedly “loved” the film. James Corden and Jacqueline Bissett were there too, and Golden Globe, SAG and Critics’ Choice nominations are barely weeks away. Critics’ Choice announces on November 30.




It’s esteemed company, and Emma made herself available to mix and mingle with the best endorsement she can find: Eddie. Like I wrote nearly two years ago today, he’s the Mr. Congeniality of the Academy circuit. Eddie’s an A-level schmoozer, and somebody who knows exactly who to chat with and with whom to leave a memorable impression on. Emma’s already an Oscar nominee, but that was not her “year” to win. It was Patricia Arquette’s, for Boyhood. This time around, she’s using her presumed Best Actress frontrunner status to work the room with the master, and somebody who, like her, represents the talent and potential of or in “young Hollywood.” In 2014, Eddie was the one who called in favours, and had a post-baby Scarlett Johansson, Arianna Huffington, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Andrew Garfield each show up to support his work in The Theory of Everything. This year, it looks like Emma’s using his exact same strategy – that you are as talented as those you choose to have in your corner. Endorsements can mean everything.

Will Andrew Garfield join her next? Could they get back together for awards season? We know he’s in with Eddie too. Lainey and I were there when he “surprised” him at the World Premiere of The Theory of Everything at TIFF in 2014. And “Andrew and Emma”? She teased with a breakup reveal in VOGUE, and he’ll be touting Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge and Scorsese’s Silence, but as of this moment, her buzz eclipses his. Earlier this week, Hollywood-Elsewhere’s Jeff Wells wrote Emma has the Best Actress Oscar “in the bag.” Regardless of whether it’s a done deal or not, Emma’s certainly hustling as hard as she can.

After she got J Law’s stamp of approval, Emma represented the film in Virginia, at the Middleburg Film Festival. That’s not quite “TIFF” or the “New York Film Festival,” it’s a much smaller, Academy-centric crowd… and she still showed up. Not only did she attend, but Emma also used this opportunity to make a cheeky #ImWithHer statement, too.


Emma and her Don't Grab My Pussy Bow take Middleburg Film Fest #werewithher

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So, yes, she’s working it. But it’s still not a done deal. As I’ve written, Annette Bening is stellar in 20th Century Women, and Natalie Portman gives the performance of her career in Jackie. Natalie and Annette are arguably even better–connected than Emma.

It’s only a matter of time before they show their hands. Emma’s showing her cards: She’s riding the youth train.

For now though, Annette’s got her next appearance set up: the world premiere of Rules Don’t Apply at the AFI Fest next week. You know her husband Warren Beatty has her back, too.


Attached - Emma at CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Show on October 26th and out in LA the day before.