Premiere of Jupiter Ascending last night. Reviews haven’t been great. BUT some noteworthy critics have given it some love. Like Hitfix’s Drew McWeeny who called it a “wicked slice of entertainment”. Alonso Duralde over at The Wrap calls it “breathlessly exciting but utterly ridiculous”. See, that’s how you convince someone like me to see a movie. That’s also why I was all about JLO’s The Boy Next Door. I’m not going into The Boy Next Door expecting Boyhood. And if I’m not going into Jupiter Ascending expecting Interstellar, I’ll probably like it better than Interstellar (which I found boring and corny).

So...I don’t think Jupiter will be Eddie Redmayne’s Norbit. And, as I mentioned last week, it wasn’t ever going to be his Norbit anyway because Channing Tatum would have to wear it, if anyone. But, then again, Channing Tatum doesn’t wear anything. Channing Tatum hasn’t even touched his goodwill bank. And he likely won’t have to with this one either. After all, he just made the Vanity Fair Hollywood issue and he’s presenting at the Oscars. It might be even harder now though for the Wachowskis to get a meeting.  

Here are Tatum, Redmayne, and Mila Kunis at the premiere last night.