David Oyelowo’s suit was the one I saw first. It’s three pieces and it’s got a purple-on-purple dot thing going on. I ask you, why wouldn’t you? If you’re not nominated for a career-defining award (or really, the predecessor to one and you’re going to be mostly remembered for smirking in a GIF to begin with...) why not wear something fun and exciting? Is it possible that if you do enough carpets in a short enough time that you could be bored? Or maybe the better question is, how could you NOT be bored?

Eddie Redmayne was king of the jackets last year, and this is reminiscent of that while not being quite the same – the navy-with-stars over the black pants isn’t quite some of his green or brown velvet from last year, but it’s pretty damn close and achieves the Duana Taha Cardinal Rule of awards shows: look like you’re having at least some fun. This doesn’t have to be via clothes for everyone, but if it is…

Honorable mention to Rob Lowe’s awesome grey tux. He’s said some really exhausting things on Twitter in the last while, but you can find someone intensely frustrating and still appreciate their suit. Overall, somewhere between Redmayne and Oyelowo is where I wish we were seeing a lot more menswear more often.

Closer investigation of Eddie's jacket reveals it to be covered with bees, not stars. So, basically he lives in the sweet spot of menswear and you're going to have to push him out if you want to be there instead.